Most experts agree the root cause of most golf swing breakdowns can be attributed to moving off the ball at some point during your swing.

The vast majority of Golfers have no idea how much their head and spine are actually moving, nor would they, unless someone or something told them they are. We have just that!


Kevin Harrington

Original shark from Shark Tank reaction after using the Eclipse head position monitor for the first time

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How it works...

Instant feedback = Instant correction
The Eclipse head position monitor is an optical device that provides in real time, 360 degree instant and exact feedback as to your head body movement during your swing. It puts you in and keeps you in the correct position and stance from backswing to follow through. 
So Simple but so effective!

You simply place the Eclipse just behind your ball. Position yourself where you do not see any white and swing. If you do not see any white during your swing path your head and spine are in the correct position at the moment of impact. If you do see any white your head and spine have moved off the ball and out of position.

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How easy is it to use?

Learning curve about 30 seconds. The Eclipse head position monitor is ideal for any golfer, of any skill level that would like to hit straighter and further with consistency. The Eclipse sets up in seconds. It does not require any physical contact at anytime, does not require an app and does not impede your vision in anyway. All you do is adjust for the club and set it on the ground.

How soon will I see results?

You will Instantly see results and with continued use with gain the consistency you seek.


Seeing is believing 

Watch Megan try the Eclipse for the first time.

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Who's taking about our Eclipse

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What our customers are saying about it

"I never realized how much my head and body move when I swing. I am excited to continue using the Eclipse and see how much my game improves."

Laura B

"Love it!! I found success right away with it. 

I use it on the range, at home and even on the course when waiting on the tee box."

Ron W

"SO SIMPLE! Great product. There is a lot of crap on the market but this is not one of them. It did exactly what they claim it does. I recommend this to any golf who wants to get better."

Marcus M

"I improved my game already today.

I knew what I had to do. I just didn't realize if I was doing it correctly or not. This really helped me self-correct and helped with weight transfer."

Rachel S

What the Pros are saying about the Eclipse

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Michael Blair

"The Eclipse was great. I found it very helpful. For me this was a great training aid to get me to stay centred on the ball."

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Mark Evershed (SHED)

"Seems like a simple thing but I would take this over a $20,000 Trackman in a heart beat."

30+ PGA Victories

Canadian Coach of the Year recipient 


Mary Kraus

"The Eclipse is an unbelievable little device. Very simple, easy to use, easy to understand"

LPGA Hall of Fame

Current teaching Pro