Don't Play Another Round of Golf Until You Watch This Video…

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Start (Consistently) Blasting the Ball 10, 20…Even 30 Yards Farther AND Straighter by Fixing the "Rookie Mistake" in Your Golf Swing

If you watch how the best golfers in the world swing the club…


You’ll notice they all do it a little differently (and guys like Jim Furyk and Matthew Wolff do it a LOT differently).


But there ARE some common threads running through all these great swings.


And one of them is something YOU can do.


Doing THIS would IMMEDIATELY improve how far and straight you hit the ball (and your ability to do it CONSISTENTLY).


But if you're like most amateur golfers…


You're probably NOT doing this "thing," the pros do…


And it's robbing you of distance, accuracy AND consistency.  


That's why it's called a “ROOKIE MISTAKES" – it hurts your game whether you've been playing for weeks, months, years…or decades.


Fix it, and you can start hitting the longest and straightest shots of your life…CONSISTENTLY.


Ready to learn the "thing" all great players do?


They keep their head still and don't "move off the ball" during their swing.  

What "Golf's Greatest" Say About Keeping Your Head Steady and Not "Moving Off the Ball"


"The single most important element in swinging the golf club is a steady head. Without a steady head, all the other fundamentals go out the window."

- Jack Nicklaus

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"If a proper grip is the first fundamental in golf, then keeping your head steady is the next."

- Arnold Palmer

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"I can't stress enough the importance of a quiet head for solid ball-striking and accurate iron play."

- Tiger Woods

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"Strive for keeping your head in place during the backswing and into impact."

- Tom Watson

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"A good focal point…is to keep the head steady during the swing."

- Hank Haney


"When you're mis-hitting the golf ball, a lot of times it's from moving your head incorrectly."

-  Jim McLean

Think about this:


Your head is one of the heaviest, individual parts of your body…

And it's located at one of the extreme ends of your frame.


Where it moves, your body tends to follow.


So, keeping your head still during your backswing keeps you "centered."


It gives you a visual and physical “reference point” to get back to the ball. 


It’s your lifeline.


On the other hand, when you move your head too much "off the ball" during your backswing…


You break your reference point.


To get back to where you were at address, you now have to make all sorts of on-the-fly adjustments to your body, your timing, etc.  


You're basically "guessing" your way back to the ball.

"guessing" your way back to the ball.


And that leads to a “domino effect” of problems…  

You can't get back to address

You can't return the club to the ball

It throws off your timing & tempo

You hit fat and thin shots

You hit toe and heel shots

You hit weak slices and blocks

You hit wild hooks and low pulls


It completely robs you of power

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Here’s How "Moving Your Head Off the Ball" Destroys Your Chance of Hitting Good Shots

It's Easy to Say, "Keep Your Head Steady" or "Don't Move Off the Ball"… But How Do You Do It?

Keeping your head steady is not a new concept.  


Instructors have been teaching it for years.


But that's part of the problem:


Without an instructor watching you…


Or you watching yourself on video…


It's nearly impossible to know if you're moving off the ball.




Introducing the ECLIPSE…
The Automatic Way to Stop "Moving Off the Ball" So You Can Start Hitting the Best Shots of Your Life

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The Eclipse is a head position monitor.
You simply place it behind your ball...
Position yourself so you only see the black disk…
And swing (real or practice).
If you see any "white" peeking out from behind the black disk (the red circle below)...
You IMMEDIATELY know you moved off the ball!

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Introducing the ECLIPSE…
The Automatic Way to Stop "Moving Off the Ball" So You Can Start Hitting the Best Shots of Your Life

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"A great training aid to get me to stay centered on the ball."

- Michael Blair, professional golfer

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"I would take this over a $20,000 Trackman in a heartbeat."

-Mark Evershed, 30+ PGA Victories

Canadian Coach of the Year Recipient


"Unbelievable little device. Very simple, easy to use, easy to understand"

-Mary Kraus, LPGA Hall of Fame

Current teaching Pro

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"Really helped me self-correct."

- Rachel S